Rudolph may not be landing on your roof this Christmas. Blitzen got struck by the blitzen. No? We don’t get too far outside dad jokes here. On Sunday, Norway’s Environmental Agency released several pictures of the herd after it was struck down by a single lightning bolt last Friday. This is an abnormally high number of animals to be killed by a single strike, but animals are killed fairly often by lightning. It happens frequently to animals that stay outside, especially farm animals that are around tall, metal farm equipment.

How does this happen? In cold areas like Norway, the ground will thaw a few inches, then the ground will be struck by lightning, which travels through the water looking for a path deeper in the ground. The animals, which are large and have four legs, take up enough room to increase the chances that there will be a difference in charge between one place they stand and another. This difference in charge causes the bolt to travel up from the ground, through the animal, and down to the ground where the charge is able to get to a place it deems more suitable to go deeper into the ground.

Just a reminder to go indoors during a thunderstorm and to stay away from all conductive materials, like water and metal. These materials are conductors that lightning likes to attach to in order to get to the ground. Lightning is likely to come into your house through the water or electrical lines if you don’t already have surge protection installed in your house. If you get in that path, you will be seriously injured or even killed.

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