Month: December 2016

Lightning Protection is About Protecting People

I came to the realization this summer just how important lightning protection was – and how many buildings we’ve protected over the years: Georgia-Pacific, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, and Georgia State University buildings, just to name a few. It isn’t the buildings that need to be protected, although our material possessions are nice. It’s the people that we’re worried about protecting. If lightning struck a skyscraper without lightning protection…well, it’d be bad news.

When I came to this realization, I looked over to the golden top of the Georgia state capitol building in Atlanta from a job I was on, and I felt the weight of what I was really doing. It’s a heavy responsibility, protecting the people inside all of these buildings. There is little wiggle room for mistakes, but the rewards are great. Our reward is being able to send you home everyday safely after a long day of work.

Our job is to protect cities like Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Raleigh, and Charlotte. Once we do, we claim them as our own. We work with their people, we see their culture, but, most importantly, we protect their lives. That’s what it’s all about: the people.

Protection is Key to Safety

Protection is important. We want to prevent accidents from happening. We at BASE Lightning¬†try to prevent lightning damage to your home, like the one you see here. Our motto here is, “Protect Your Assets.” Protection is key to ensuring the safety¬†your house, and now is a great time to do it because the winter is just between the two stormy seasons, fall and spring. It’s better to handle lightning protection damage on the front end than the back end.

No Time is Down Time for Lightning Protection

Most people think that construction companies don’t work in the winter. That is absolutely false. BASE Lightning is enjoying its busiest schedule in history of the company in mid-December. In fact, I may end up making my way out of my cozy office into the field at some point this month to keep up with all of the business we’re doing.

The North has construction companies do oftentimes either slow down or shut down altogether. In Atlanta and the rest of the South though, namely Raleigh and Jacksonville, we’re still going full swing. In fact, we may even be more efficient in the winter because 50 degrees beats 100 degrees any day of the week.

Start Protecting Your Home Now

Now is one of the best times to have lightning protection installed on your house. As mentioned before, we’re right between the two stormy seasons, so we could get your house protected in time for the storms on the spring. According to the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI), “Lightning is…responsible for an estimated 23,000 home fires a year. Lightning protection systems that comply with NFPA standards can meet building resiliency needs for safety, technology and design.”

This brings up another point: technology. You obviously don’t want your house to take a direct lightning strike without protection, but we rely on so much technology today that can be pricey. A lightning bolt could easily strike near your house and send the charge into your house and damage your electronics. This happened to President Brandon Smith before he founded BASE Lightning. This is a really costly problem that so many people face, and insurance may not cover the damage because it isn’t physical damage. Lightning protection is very important on data centers because there are so many expensive servers running things like this website 24/7. The same applies to your home: when lightning strikes near your home, all of your technology is susceptible.

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