Month: February 2017

Vice President Adam Smith Wins Finny Award

BASE Lightning brought a Finny award back to Atlanta with us during the Lightning Protection Institute conference. The conference was held in Dallas, Texas this year in mid February.

Vice President Adam Smith presented a new assembly to the lightning protection industry. Here at BASE Lightning, we modified an existing through-roof assembly from East Coast Lightning Equipment, a lightning protection supplier, that takes cable from the field of the roof through the deck to the inside of the building and leading down into the ground. This assembly is a threaded rod with clamps attached on each end above and below the roof for cable to connect to. The top clamp is attached to a cap which is placed over a two inch pvc pipe.  The pvc pipe is then booted. This helps to waterproof the assembly so that cable and lightning are the only things making it through the roof.

Through-Roof Assembly Modification

BASE LP came up with a spin of our own – we decided to fill the pvc pipe with portable sealer. Once the sealer firms up, the pvc pipe is solid with waterproof material that will not let water penetrate through the deck.

This all seems very redundant, but it is important that we are thorough in our waterproofing in order for the roofing contractors to be confident that our materials will not cause any roof leaks. The portable sealer adds one more area of protection to keep water out while allowing lightning to pass through the system effortlessly.

The Finny Award

Because of his presentation, Adam was awarded one of three Finny awards for the year. He was given the Promethean award. Other industry leaders were impressed to see the added waterproofing. Adam was proud to bring the award back to Atlanta and to BASE Lightning Protection.

Protect Your Chimney

Most people don’t think of it, but the chimney of a home is a great air terminal – whether it’s hooked up to a lightning protection system or not! Since chimneys stick so far up off the ground, well above even the top of a home, it is an easy target for a lightning bolt. For this reason, it is critical that your chimney be protected.

The featured image above shows a picture of a chimney that we are in the process of protecting on a private residence. As you can see, the lightning protection is invisible. On top of the chimney there will be a decorative bishop’s peak with an air terminal integrated into the design, and the cable connecting it all has already been covered in the wrap. The stone will go outside the wrap and conceal the entire chimney.

Like always, new construction is the best time to bring in a lightning protection installer in order to best conceal your system, but there are many ways an installer can conceal your system on an existing home as well. BASE Lightning Protection often paints cable to match the color of the house on an existing home. We also run our cable down the walls in the spots that are least likely to be seen.

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