For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here:

Q: How often does lightning strike in my area?

A: Here is a strike-density map for the U.S.

Q: Does lightning protection really work?

A: Yes, lightning protection has been scientifically proven to direct lightning from a strike termination device to ground without any harm done to the structure it protects. There is a test facility at the University of Florida that is used regularly to prove old theories and test new ones.

Q: How do you know where to protect a building?

A: We use a method called the rolling sphere method, which uses a 150ft. radius of an imaginary ball to roll over an entire structure. At each point the ball touches  a building, that area is susceptible to a strike and needs to be protected. We put strike termination devices at these points.


Q: What is a strike termination device?

A: A strike termination device is a device positioned above the roof that will protect the roof level. Most of the time we use air terminals, formerly known as lightning rods, but we can also get creative with the architects and use rails, metal coping, or anything that it is at least 10in. above the area you want to protect and 3/16in. thick.

Q: Does all lightning protection look ugly?

A: NO! Lightning protection can be completely concealed in a new building if we consult with the architects designing the building and we can run our cable through the inside of the walls as construction is going on. Even if we can’t totally conceal it, we can paint cable to match the color of your building to camouflage the system.

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