On the Road Again

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One of our crews has spent a few days in the last couple of weeks in Birmingham, Alabama. Our men have spent some long days traveling down to Birmingham early and coming back late since Birmingham is so close to Atlanta.

The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex is one of our larger projects going on right now. It is comprised of an arena, a concert hall, two theaters, two hotels, 74 meeting rooms, and the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. This project only includes a fraction of that space, but it is still no small feat.

We Travel

What does this mean for you? We travel. We spend time all over the Southeast, from Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, to Jacksonville, Florida, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to Birmingham, Alabama. Have a project outside that area? No problem. We’ve also taken planes to Los Angeles, California and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We can pack up a truck with a crew and some materials anywhere in the Southeast or we can put a crew on a plane and have our material drop shipped straight to the jobsite from the manufacturer as well.

Our goal at BASE Lightning Protection is to provide you with a reliable lightning protection system that is installed in a timely and professional manner. If that means we need to travel with your crews anywhere in the country, we will be more than happy to do so.

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