Lightning Protection Doesn’t Have to Ruin the Aesthetics of Your Home

Many people don’t want to put lightning protection on their homes or office buildings because it may compromise the aesthetics. The blame gets shifted to the wrong person though.

If lightning protection compromises the aesthetics of a structure then the architect is to blame.

The King and Queen buildings in Buckhead, Georgia, is a perfect example of concealed lightning protection. You can’t see a single standard air terminal on either building – because there isn’t one. The architect worked closely with the lightning protection installer and they worked together to maintain the beauty of the buildings. You can do this by having the rails made with thick copper, aluminum, or steel. For residential homes, it is significantly easier to stick with air terminals. There are ways to get around it, but take a look at this picture and see why it may not be worth it.


concealed lightning protection atlanta georgia base lightning protection


That looks gorgeous. The cable is ran through the house and actually improves the look of the house. In fact, many people put these on their homes just for the look and don’t even have a lightning protection system installed on their home.

If you’re looking to build a home, consult with your architect to discuss how you can design your home in a way that will allow for lightning protection that is aesthetically pleasing. Then call us at (404) 895-6543 and let us go over your plans before you begin construction. The best way for us to make a house look nice is to start planning before you even break ground. Then we can go over your plans with you and decide the best steps to conceal your lightning protection system.

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