How to Spot Surge Damage (and What to Do About it)

It’s that time of the year again – thunderstorm season. If April showers do, in fact, bring May flowers we’re gonna have some bigguns this year. Unfortunately, with those showers comes dangerous lightning. Even though lightning may have never struck your house directly, your home could still have lightning damage. Surge damage is prominent in the Southeast, and especially here in Atlanta.

Many of the requests we get for lightning protection installation isn’t when lightning has directly struck a building but when lightning has struck a tree or another nearby object and has then come into the building through the electrical panel. From the electrical panel, the surge can come through your home and ruin fans, chandeliers, tvs, computers, etc. A single surge issue can cause thousands of dollars on even a smaller home.

How to Spot Surge Damage

Surge damage is very common in homes. Nearly any electrical error that happens can be caused by surge damage. One of our company owners had a Wii and a tv damaged by lightning on two different occasions. After a storm, if you notice tvs, light switches, game consoles, or anything else that runs off of electricity, then there is a  good chance that you have a surge problem.

What to Do About Surge Damage

The best way to protect against surge damage isn’t to go buy surge protectors like the one in this image. Popular belief is that these types of surge protectors somehow magically take all of the charge of a lightning strike from a tv. While these surge protectors are suggested to be installed in your home to protect against any charge that gets past your main surge protector, you need a surge protector installed on your electrical panel.

Electric Panel Surge Protectors

In a complete lightning protection system, the Lightning Protection Institute requires that a surge system be installed in conjunction with the lightning protection system. This surge system is made up of large surge protectors that are installed on your electrical box or boxes. This is a real surge protector that is meant to take a charge from a lightning bolt. Keep in mind that surge protectors need to be replaced once they have been exposed to a certain amount of charge, so it is critical that they be inspected after each thunderstorm.

It is vital that your home has a surge protection system installed on your home in conjunction with your lightning protection system. Surge issues happen more often than direct strikes. If you aren’t sure whether there is a surge system installed on your home or building feel free to contact us via the contact form on our contact page or give us a call.

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