Lightning Protection is About Protecting People

I came to the realization this summer just how important lightning protection was – and how many buildings we’ve protected over the years: Georgia-Pacific, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, and Georgia State University buildings, just to name a few. It isn’t the buildings that need to be protected, although our material possessions are nice. It’s the people that we’re worried about protecting. If lightning struck a skyscraper without lightning protection…well, it’d be bad news.

When I came to this realization, I looked over to the golden top of the Georgia state capitol building in Atlanta from a job I was on, and I felt the weight of what I was really doing. It’s a heavy responsibility, protecting the people inside all of these buildings. There is little wiggle room for mistakes, but the rewards are great. Our reward is being able to send you home everyday safely after a long day of work.

Our job is to protect cities like Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Raleigh, and Charlotte. Once we do, we claim them as our own. We work with their people, we see their culture, but, most importantly, we protect their lives. That’s what it’s all about: the people.

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